The Women's Foundation and Community Foundation Silicon Valley Announce Groundbreaking Collaboration to Increase Resources for Women and Girls in Silicon Valley (June 2002) The collaboration marks the first time two community-based foundations have worked together to expand opportunities for women and girls. Together, the foundations will work to encourage successful businesswomen in Silicon Valley to increase their civic participation with and philanthropy for programs and organizations that serve women and girls.

What Silicon Valley Can Do to Tap Women's Leadership. (February 25, 2002) Today, female leaders are emerging from diverse, new sources, including the entrepreneurial and technology world, but much more can be done to tap women’s talent, resources, and networks to address critical community issues, according to a new report issued by Women of Silicon Valley.

Civic Forum will share the results of "Unfinished Business" and spotlight solutions. (July 13, 2001) Come hear the results of "Unfinished Business: Women in the Silicon Valley Economy" and join with civic, business, and philanthropic leaders as we spotlight sollutions for the future.

Women's participation transforming Silicon Valley workplace (April 23, 2001).
"Unfinished Business: Women in the Silicon Valley Economy," the largest-ever survey of Silicon Valley women age 21 to 61 conducted by Collaborative Economics and Field Research for Community Foundation Silicon Valley finds that Women are making unmistakable progress in the Silicon Valley workforce, but they experience unrelenting pressures and still see their potential untapped in the new economy.


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