The Women of Silicon Valley project has two research products: Women in the Economy and Women's Civic Leadership.   

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Unfinished Business:
Women in the Silicon Valley Economy

This report, based on survey of 800 women in the region, tells the story of women in Silicon Valley's changing economy. It describes the significant progress that has been made in women's economic participation, the unrelenting pressures women experience, and the missed opportunities for women to participate more fully. It also identifies the shared challenges created by women's changing roles. It ends with a vision of the promise of the new economy - a Silicon Valley that is economically vital, socially innovative, and sustainable - and outlines six commitments required to achieve the vision.

Untapped Potential:
Women's Civic Leadership in Silicon Valley

This report, based on in-depth interviews with 30 women leaders, examines pathways to civic leadership. It describes the evolution of women's civic leadership over time, and identifies seven pools of untapped leadership potential. Silicon Valley faces significant challenges to remain a vital economy and community - but we are not effectively developing the next generation of civic leaders. The report suggests four innovations that must occur to mobilize civic leadership in new ways.


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