Why this project?  Why now?

Twin revolutions are reshaping life. Our economy has fundamentally shifted from an industrial to an information economy, characterized by new competitive realities for companies and new work arrangements and requirements for people. Intersecting with this new economy is what has been called the single most important social transformation of the 21st century - the large scale entry of women into the workforce and entrepreneurial sector.  

Silicon Valley is a region in transition. This new economy has brought new opportunities as well as new challenges. It is redefining how we live, how we work, how we compete. But our companies, communities, and culture have yet to adapt to these new fundamental realities. 

With a commitment to social innovation, we can realize the upside promise of the new economy and new society. Silicon Valley can respond proactivelyto change, so that our region continues to be a place for an enriching personal and business life and continues to drive a thriving economy.

What will this project do?

Put the facts on the table The project will tell a compelling, baseline story of the status and potential of women in the new economy and new community of Silicon Valley.  It will develop new metrics and data where gaps exist.

Identify successes and challenges The project will identify what has been learned about how to support women's participation in the economy and community and where further change is required.

Engage the community and catalyze action Develop regional networks committed to spur social innovation.


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